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Electric Blue P

Fretless, J

Fretless, Chambered P/J


Fretless, Chambered P/J

Vintage White P

Chambered J Sunburst

Chambered Fretless J

Chambered Fretless P/J

Candy Blue P

candy blue P.JPG

Fretless Cream J

"Apple" P -

Fretless Chambered

Lambie P Wood 

Lambie P Daphne Blue

Candy Red P

THE Beast P

Burgundy Mist Fretless J

"Super Sonic Blue P"

Chambered Fretless P/J 

"Ferrari Fretless J" 

Stinnett Custom "Black Beauty"

"Black Beauty" 

Cream P

Fretless Sea Foam Green P

Fretless Cream P

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